Top Tips For Getting The Most From Your Wedding Hair Trial

So, the dress is purchased, the bridesmaids are sorted, the venue is booked and everything is coming along nicely.  Time to take your foot of the bridezilla accelerator and concentrate on your for a bit.  After all, it is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, so make sure you take enough time to focus on what you want to look like on the day to ensure you feel a million dollars.  Here at Wedding Hair Essex, I always recommend that a bride undertake a simple trial prior to your big day.  You may not feel like you need one, but I’ve compiled a little list of why we recommend a good old fashioned practice run before the big day.

wedding trials 11. You can try some different styles with me  – You may have it in your mind the kind of style that you want, but not be 100 sure it will work with your hair or style of dress etc. By having me come to your home, I can spend time with you while you show me ideas you like – these may be pictures of celebrity weddings, or pictures from Pinterest or magazines or anywhere really.

2. We can ensure that your hairstyle matches your dress –  It’s important that your dream hair matches the style of your dress, your bridesmaids dresses and even your style of your decor on your big day. It’s also a chance to give your hairdo a test run.  I’m quite happy for you to spend some time bouncy around your living room to see just how many extra bobby pins we will need to make sure your hair style lasts through the reception.

wedding hair veil

3. A hair trial is also a chance to see how your hair is going to look with your make-up and veil – you might want to copy J-Lo’s latest hairstyle for your wedding day, but if your hair texture and length are too different from hers or if it doesn’t work with your veil, you might end up having to make a change. Or I might need to order in extensions to make it work. It is important that it looks just right for your big day.

wedding hair makeup4. You can try your makeup  If you are doing your own then you can apply a text run before or after your hair trial to make sure that the overall look is the one you want.  If you are having a make-up artist on the day, perhaps see if they can call round before or after the trial to make sure that their work is exactly as you need it to be.

5. Finally, it gives me a chance to get to know you before the actual wedding day itself –  Things can be very stressful on the day and it’s far nicer to feel that you are surrounding by friends and people that you know, rather than total strangers.  It is important for me that I gain your trust and that you have faith in me that I will make you feel as beautiful as you need to be on the day – it’s my job to make your feel like a princess.

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