Perfect Hair For An Autumn Wedding

With the leaves starting to fall, and the cooler evenings setting in, there is no doubt that Autumn is definitely on it’s way. Its a great time of year to wrap up warm, take long walks with your loved ones, and enjoy the beauty of the season.   It’s also a great time of year to get wed!  With the high season prices reducing slightly after the end of August, more and more couples are choosing to wait until September or October to get hitched.  And of course, it really is a stunning time of year for those wedding photos.

Getting married in the cooler weather also affords a wealth of different ideas for your dress and your overall look on your big day.  It definitely won’t be hot, may even rain and you can think about heavier fabrics, rich classic colours and more dramatic looks for your hair. So, what kind of “do” works best for this time of year?  I’ve found 5 looks that are popular for Autumn 2015 for you to consider.

autumn hair 1

Beautiful Flowers

Of course, what sets Autumn apart from the rest of the year is the beautiful reds, brown and oranges found in nature.  Reflect this in your floral bouquets and your hair accessories.  A simple, loose and low bun wrapped in seasonal flowers will look stunning.

autumn hair 2

Keep It Curly

You can’t rely on the weather to be hot and sunny in the Autumn months, so work with it, not against it.  You could well be faced with a cool, sunny day or a damp, wet one.  So, don’t spend hours trying to straighten curly hair that may suffer in the damp.  Release those curls and go with a romantic, soft, curly look with seasonal flowers.

autumn hair 3

Add A Tiara

Why not channel your inner Princess and go with a gold tiara, perfectly placed on a simple centre parting.  Go for golds and bronzes, or even add rubies or amber coloured stones to blend in those autumnal colours.

autumn hair 4

Go Red

If you fancy a drastically different look for your big day, why not go for gold and go red! Beautiful natural redheads will be ahead of the game in the Autumn months, but with a good hairdresser to help you find the right shade you too could be beautiful and bold with coloured hair.

autumn hair 5

Go Glamorous

Heavier fabrics, and maybe even darker coloured wedding or bridesmaids dresses mean you can add more drama to your hairstyle without overdoing it.  A big and beautiful beehive looks stunning with heavy make up and a rich fabric like velvet.  Embrace the cooler weather and make it work for you.

Perhaps you have some very different ideas as to how you would like to wear your hair for your Autumn or Winter wedding?  Why not give me a call on 077 7901 9751 or drop me an email here.